Friday, 1 April 2011

April Fools Roundup

Hey all, sorry I havn't had an update in a while been busy with things and playing ALOT of Crysis 2 and got into the top 100 on wins globally. Anyway heres a fun roundup of all the gaming related April fools tricks i've heard about.

- Minecraft’s over-priced “macrotransactions store.”
- Blizzard announces Starcraft with motion controls.
- Diablo’s Horadric Cube for the iPhone.
- The darkest Warcraft dungeon yet.
- WoW’s new dungeon helper.
- EVE Online gets mounts.
- The new Guild Wars class, Commando.
- EA prepping new M-rated Harry Potter game.
- The world’s first gaming exo-skeleton.
- First look at Halo Dance Central.
- Sonic the Hedgehog franchise discontinued.
-  Mass Effect 3 set entirely on one planet.
- Grand Theft Auto V teaser trailer.
- The Old Republic Wookie localization.

What do you think the best prank has been this year? Any of the above or somthing else I have yet to hear about?


  1. Gah. I missed those ones. Thank you. You are a fountain of important knowledge.

  2. Those are some pretty good ones. Reddit users submitted some great ones.

  3. my favorite one ever was by OXM, they had this bitching 360 that was all hardwood and shit, fuck i wanted one bad.

  4. those are pretty good, nice job companies who got in on this!

  5. can't believe I missed these. Thanks for the lists though!

  6. LOL A lot I didnt hear about.. my brother believed to EVE Pets one :P Also Google introduced something called GMail Motion, check it out; pretty funny!